Monday, 20 June 2016

Summertime in Old Hollywood

Today is the first day of summer, so I thought I would wish you all a very happy summer with a collection of photographs of classic Hollywood actors and actresses enjoying the sun and good weather, either by the pool or at the beach. 

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Birthday boy Errol Flynn just had a swim

Lana Turner is ready for a day at the pool

Here she is again by the pool at the Coral Casino in Santa Barbara in 1951. I'm not sure that cigarette is very good for you, Lana.

Ava Gardner enjoys the sun in a Spanish beach during a break in the filming of Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (1951). Love her bikini.

Bette Davis celebrates the 4th of July by lighting a firework on the beach (early 1930s)

Ginger Rogers at the beach in 1936. Love her shoes!

Douglas Fairbanks Jr. enjoys a day at his Santa Monica beach house

Debbie Reynolds poses by the pool in her cute swimsuit

Carole Lombard and Gary Cooper are ready to sail (1930)

Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Joan Crawford at the beach (photo by Nickolas Muray for Vanity Fair, October 1929). This is one of my favorite pictures of all time.

Here they are again, enjoying the sun on August 23, 1931 (picture taken by Edward Steichen for the February 1932 issue of Vanity Fair)

Burt Lancaster and Ava Gardner have fun on the beach during the making of The Killers (1946). This is another one of my all-time favorite photos. 

Marilyn Monroe at Amagansett Beach in the Hamptons in 1958
(photograph by Robert Shaw)

Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner during the making of On the Beach (1959)

Anita Louise and Olivia de Havilland ca. 1937

Audrey Hepburn enjoys the sun during the filming of Monte Carlo Baby (1951)

James Stewart and Gary Cooper in Malibu in 1951

Fred MacMurray baking in the sun. I'm not sure the mustache suits you, Freddie.

Former lifeguard Ronald Reagan enjoys a swim

Gene Tierney relaxing with her radio at the beach

John Gilbert sunning by the water  

James Dean relaxing at the beach with his then-girlfriend Barbara Glenn

Tyrone Power reads his newspaper in the pool

Janet Leigh and husband Tony Curtis at the Racquet Club in Palm Springs (late 1950s)

Rock Hudson in 1954

Here he is again, looking fabulous

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Happy Summer, everyone!    


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