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Film Friday: «Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison » (1957)

In honor of Deborah Kerr's 95th birthday, which is today, this week on «Film Friday» I bring you what is perhaps one of her best remembered pictures. This is one of my personal favorites of hers and also the film that made me a Robert Mitchum fan. Theatrical release poster Directed by John Huston, Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison (1957) begins when U nited S tates Marine Corporal Allison (Robert Mitchum) finds himself stranded on a deserted South Pacific island in 1944. He finds an abandoned settlement and a chapel with one occupant, Sister Angela (Deborah Kerr), an Irish Catholic novice nun who has not yet taken her final vows. She herself has only landed there a few days before with Father Philips, who has since died. Despite their extreme differences in backgrounds and outlooks, their are respectful of each other's vocation and soon form a close bond. For a while, Allison and Sister Angela have the bountiful island completely to themselves, but t hen a detachment of Japanes

Happy 95th Birthday, Deborah Kerr!

DEBORAH KERR   (September 30, 1921 — October 16, 2007) I adore not being me. I'm not very good at being me. That's why I adore acting so much. More Deborah Kerr-related artic les   HERE . 

Happy Birthday, Greer Garson!

GREER GARSON (September 29, 1904 — April 6, 1996) Starting out to make money is the greatest mistake in life. Do what you feel you have a flair for doing, and if you are good enough at it, the money will come. More Greer Garson-related artic les   HERE .  

Picture of the Week

Ava Gardner and Mickey Rooney on their wedding day A bit of trivi a for you: M ickey Rooney was 21 whe n he married 19-year-old Ava Gardner, who a t the time was still an obscure starlet, on January 10, 1 942 . The marriage did not last, however, and the two divorced the following year. Apparently, Mickey could not remain faithful to Ava.

Film Friday: «Babes in Arms» (1939)

In honor of Mickey Rooney's 96th birthday, which happens to be today, this week on «Film Friday» I bring you what remains one of his most famous pictures. This is also the film that made him the first teenager to be nominated for an Academy Award. Theatrical release poster Directed by Busby Berkley, Babes in Arms (1939) begins in 1921 with the birth of Mickey Moran (Mickey Rooney), the son of popular vaudeville entertainers Joe and Florrie Moran (Charles Winninger and Grace Hayes). Years later, when vaudeville is eclipsed by the motion picture industry, Joe and Florrie — along with their former colleagues — decide to resurrect their careers by financing a travelling vaudeville show of their own. Their children want to be a part of it as well, but their parents refuse to let them go. Undaunted, Mickey resolves to write a show to be presented by himself and the kids — which include his sister Molly (Betty Jaynes), his sweetheart Patsy Barton (Judy Garland) and their friend