Sunday, 3 March 2019

February Favorites

I have always wanted to do a «monthly favorites» type of post on this blog, but I kept putting it off some reason or the other. Last year, though, I finally decided to do it. I will be doing one of these every month (or every two months) and I will include literally everything that I have loved or that has made me happy during that time, be it a film, a song, a book, a TV show or even an item of clothing. Here are my February favorites.

Favorite TV show: Skam France (2018-)
In December 2016, I came across a Norwegian TV show called Skam and I was obsessed with it for months afterwards. I loved every single thing about it, especially the third season. For those of you who have never heard of it, Skam is sort of like Skins (2007-2013), only less pretentious and a lot more realistic. It follows the life of a group of high school students, and each season it focuses on a different character. It deals with various topics, such as relationship difficulties, identity, homosexuality, sexual assault, religion, eating disorders and mental health issues. And more importantly, there are no stereotypes and each topic is handled with utter respect.

Anyway, thanks to the Internet, Skam became a worldwide phenomenon (and rightly so), to the point that several other European countries began making their own version of it. Now, I was really mad when I heard about all of these remakes. Skam is sacred to me, and the idea of someone tempering with it just made me furious. But then, I came across a clip of Skam France on YouTube (I talk more about this below) and I fell in love with it, and I just had to watch the whole thing. The original Skam will always be the best, but the French remake is genuinely really, really good. Give it a try, if you have the chance. Oh, but watch the original first.

Favorite couple: Lucas & Elliot from Skam France
The clip that I saw from Skam France (the one I mentioned above) was from the third season, which started in January, and it showed Lucas (that season's main character) playing piano to Elliot, the boy he likes. Before I knew it, I had fallen in love with these two characters and I just had to know more about them. So, I put aside my refusal to accept that my beloved Skam was being remade and I watched the whole thing. The first two seasons were very similar to the original show, but the third one is completely different. They took the basic storyline, but changed it enough to make it a completely different show. And that's why I love it so much. Isak & Even (the main characters in the third season of the original Skam) will always be Isak & Even, and they mean the absolute world to me, but Lucas & Elliot are giving me so much life right now and I love them dearly.

Favorite actor: Axel Auriant
The actor who plays Lucas in Skam France is called Axel Auriant and he is my hero right now. He's only 20 years old and already he's an outstanding actor. I dare to watch the last scene in episode 3x05 or the entire episode 3x06 and tell me that those aren't Oscar-worthy performances. He shows so much depth and emotion that it's almost like he IS Lucas and he's feeling exactly the same things that Lucas is feeling. It's really heartbreaking at times. Not to mention that he's got the most amazing smile, the bluest blue eyes and the softest hair you'll ever see in your life. And I love how close he is to Maxence Danet Fauvel, who plays Elliot.

And that's it. As you can see, my favorite everything this month was Skam France. I guess the lesson you can take from this is that, don't say you don't like something until you try it.