Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Classic Hollywood Stars as Children

Today, June 1, the Children's Day is observed in many countries around the world, including Portugal, where I live. As such, I thought I would be fun to collect a series of pictures of classic Hollywood actors and actresses when they were children. Here are the ones I could find.

Birthday girl Marilyn Monroe at the home of her foster parents, Albert and Ida Bolender (1933)

Always the hipster, that Frank Sinatra

Here's another little hipster: James Dean (ca. 1938) 

Look how cute James Stewart is in his sailor's outfit (1912)

How adorable was Judy Garland?

Baby Mickey Rooney (1921)

Lauren Bacall outside the Highland Manor private girls' school in New York (photograph taken by her mother, Natalie Perske, circa 1933) 

Gary Cooper dressed as a cowboy at age 2

Baby Clark Gable  (ca. 1902)

Katharine Hepburn used to dress herself in boys' clothes and call herself "Jimmy"

Tyrone Power, an heartbreaker even as a child

Audrey Hepburn in 1938

This bubbly little girl is Bette Davis (in Massachusetts, circa World War I)

Baby Carole Lombard (1908)

Baby Natalie Wood (ca. 1940)

Pre-teenager Fred Astaire (ca. 1911)

Here's Fred's partner Ginger Rogers at age 10

What a little beauty queen Lucille Ball was (1913)

Elizabeth Taylor in 1934   


  1. So cute!!! Baby Tyrone Power was so adorable AND HOW PRETTY WAS BABY LUCY?! Best post ever.

  2. OMG Sinatra!! Lol. So many cute babies!! I've never seen those photos of Lombard and Rooney! Adorable!!