Saturday, 30 June 2018

June Favorites

I have always wanted to do a «monthly favorites» type of post on this blog, but I kept putting it off some reason or the other until this year. I will be doing one of these every month (or every two months) and I will include literally everything that I have loved or that has made me happy during that time, be it a film, a song, a book, a TV show or even an item of clothing. These are my June favorites.

Favorite TV show: Riverdale
Riverdale is not the kind of show I usually go for, but EVERYONE was talking about it, so I thought I would give it a try. And guess what? I loved it! I haven't finished season two yet, so please no spoilers.

Favorite song #1: «Dance to This» by Troye Sivan & Ariana Grande
I love Troye Sivan, but I am not really a fan of Ariana Grande, so when I heard that they had made a song together, I didn't know what to expect. As it turns out, though, the song is amazing. It has an 80s vibe to it that I absolutely love. I hope they make a music video to go with it.

Favorite song #2: «Palo Santo» by Years & Years
Years & Years are one of my favorite bands, but I was a bit underwhelmed by their first two singles out of the new album. «Palo Santo», on the other hand, is fantastic!
Favorite song #3: «Want You Back» by HAIM
I discovered HAIM about a week ago and I cannot stop listening to them. I've listening to both of their albums (I particularly like the second one) and this song is definitely my favorite. It's so good!

Favorite band: HAIM
I don't listen to female artists (there's no particular reason for that, I just don't), but I am slightly obsessed with HAIM at the moment. They are so brilliant! Like I said, I've been listening to them pretty much non-stop for about a week and I cannot get enought of them. They are incredibly talented and they actually dress like normal people, unlike most female artists nowadays.

Favorite random item: The «Want You Back» music video by HAIM
Oh, look. Another HAIM-related favorite. I told you I was a bit obsessed. But honestly, this is one of the best music videos I have ever seen in my life. It's so simple, but so good.

And there you go. These are all the things I have loved throughout June. I am perfectly aware that half of them are HAIM-related, but what can I say? Those girls are brilliant.

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